Thursday, February 2, 2012

Salut tout le monde!

Paris is a great place to both visit and live in, and I simply want to share it with everyone.

This blog is where I'll be posting primarily about the city itself and , occasionally, about my experiences there as well.

Before leaving for Paris, I really didn't know what to expect. Sure, I've heard all the hype about it, the "city of romance"; I've seen it countless times in the films, but I've also heard about how the people aren't nice ("everything in Paris is great except the Parisians!"), how the waiters are rude ("he laughed at me for wanting my steak well-done!"), how the streets are dirty, and many other comments like this.

After my first few days, I arrived at the conclusion that Paris, like every other cities in the world, isn't perfect; but it such a great place that the trivial things that the people complain about doesn't really matter. In fact, a lot of them didn't bother me at all. I honestly believe that it isn't possible not to be impressed, in one way or another, by Paris*. If you don't like the city at all, you probably don't know it well enough. The charms of Paris does not exist only in books and on celluloid screens, and there is always something here for everyone.

I hope that this blog will help make someone's trip more enjoyable, or, at least, just help someone kill time! I'll try to update regularly, but meanwhile, I'll leave you with this delightfully cliche song:

À bientôt!

*Even though some people do get Paris Syndrome...Perhaps an open mind is needed here as well...

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